Join the team

Do you like to research? Do you like to argue? Why not combine the two and join the IU debate program! 

Callout Meeting
Date: Wed Aug 31st and Sept 7, 2016
Time: 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Location: SPEA 276

The team's doors are open to all who are interested. We have students who start as novices and turn into varsity debate team members. We have students who have Public Forum, LD, and Policy experience. We have graduate students who competed in policy and parli and more... If your passion is in debate and being part of a growing and competitive program we want you! 

For recruitment information please click on the link that applies to you. You can join as an IU student who is already on campus. Are you an experience high school student, click on the link to get ahold of us! Graduate students who wish to coach are welcome! 

The competitive policy debate program will be debating this year about whether the US should increase restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. An entire year on the mechanics of global warming mitigation (science, policy, ethics, philosophy and more!) is sure to be exciting!