2018 Intra-IU Fall

Intra-IU Resolution


Resolved: This house defends the concept of mental continuity across species. 

Tournament Information

The Indiana University Debate Team cordially invites all interested Indiana University students to participate in the sevent annual Intra-IU Debate Tournament. On Sunday November 11th from 10:00 PM - 5:00 PM. We will host the annual one day debate tournament to crown our Indiana University "champion" campus debater.

Location: SPEA 2nd Floor Paul O'Neill Center graduate lounge. 
Time: Show up at 10:00 AM to register and prepare

It is up to YOU, yes YOU, the IU student to answer the resolutional questions by engaging in a battle of wit, eloquence, and brilliance in a oneday fun filled and lowkey debate event hosted by the IU Debate program. We will provide you with training and evidence sets and talking points. You can use our research materials or bring in your own as you are asked to argue on both sides of the topic!

Sign Up Now!

Final Deadline for Signing up: Nov 7th, 2018
Attend one training session for assistance from us! (see signup page)


We are once again partnering with the College of Arts and Sciences' Themester. The topic for the year is Animal/Human. Find out more by clicking the link above. 

Faculty and students trained in argumentation, psychology, folklore and debate will judge! Learn more about our partners and their new
Communication and Public Advocacy Minor 

Motherbears Pizza!$200.00 worth of awards! 
Hone your skills! The debate tournament is a great way to improve on your public speaking, argumentation and listening skills all while meeting new people with a passion for argument across the campus. 

Have Questions?


Do You Need Prior Experience? 
Absolutely not!
Never watched a debate?
Never taken public speaking?
Perfect, ALL are welcome!


Free! Whaa? Yes FREE!
The tournament is an IU Debate service! 
COAS, SPEA, OVPUE Supported!
Food/drink and awards!
All we need is you!


Use our tournament evidence packet!
IU Debate will put together organized talking points for for you!
Independent research is welcome but not required!

You want to join, now what?

1) Register Sign Up Now!
2) You should plan to attend one or more of the practice sessions so you are confident and comfortable with the material and format.
3) Find a partner! This is not required, we will assign one if you do not have one. Debating with friends can be fun!
4) Use the debate team provided material to create core speeches against likely opponent arguments. Do more research if you wish to expand the arguments out even further. Our material is a primer, not the "end" of the discussion!

Speech Times

1st Affirmative4 Min
Cross Ex2 Min
1st Negative4 Min
Cross Ex2 Min
2nd Affirmative4 Min
Cross Ex2 Min
2nd Negative4 Min
Cross Ex2 Min
Final Affirmative3 Min
Final Negative3 Min
Team Preperation3 Min

Tournament Schedule

Date:November 11th
Time:10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location:SPEA 2nd Floor Lounge of Paul O'Neill Center
10:00 AMWelcome/Registration
11:00 AMRound 1
12:30 PMRound 2
2:00 PMRound 3
3:30 PMAwards
4:00 PMFinal Round!