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"I'm proud every time I get up to debate for IU. We're a part of a team with a great reputation as hard workers and debate excellence, and traveling to tournaments like Harvard cements the feeling that we're continuing something important." Victoria Lincourt

Twenty Indiana students and coaches descended on the University of Kentucky for this year's college debate tournament. A chest of trophies were plundered with top finishes and speaker awards in the three divisions of competition. The most notable is the top Hoosier open team's finish in 16th place after dropping to the eventual tournament winner from Kentucky. Cameron and Harry have proven themselves to be a team ranked well within the top 20 in the nation.

2018 National Debate Tournament
2016 Team Photo IU Debate
2014 NDT  @ Indiana University Bloomington
Berkeley 2016 Muir Woods
IU qualifies to the NDT after 23 years NDT 2016, Binghamton
2013 Vanderbilt Tournament
2010 William Jewel Tournament