IU Debate News

Our team as family proved robust as we leaned on each other for support through the doldrums of lockdown.Eleven students competed for IU debate during the Fall and Spring of 2020-2021 which was a win on its own. The most significant victory for the program included IU qualifying two of our varsity teams to the National Debate Tournament. Senior Mehul Gupta and Freshman partner Aryan Jasani qualified first followed by Junior duo, Janet Oluwayomi and Payton Holland.  

In a win or go home matchup the Hoosier duo of Drew Bagan and Victoria Lincourt qualify to the 2020 National Debate Tournament

2018 National Debate Tournament
2016 Team Photo IU Debate
2014 NDT  @ Indiana University Bloomington
Berkeley 2016 Muir Woods
IU qualifies to the NDT after 23 years NDT 2016, Binghamton
2013 Vanderbilt Tournament
2010 William Jewel Tournament