IU Debate News

The Indiana University debate team kicked off their competitive season with impressive performances at the Owen L. Coon season opener hosted by Northwestern University and the JW Patterson debates at the University of Kentucky. With a blend of experience and fresh talent, the team made their presence known in the world of collegiate debate.

Indiana Debate began the month of March at the American Debate Association Nationals in Georgetown, marking the end of the season for most of our debaters. Vishnu Midithuri and Aaron Fernando ended their season as quarter-finalists at the ADA, and Midithuri was the 8th Speaker in the novice division. They also are the 3rd best novice debate team in the nation based on their performance throughout the year. Their high placings at ADA Nationals, the Texas Open, the Crowe Warken Debates, and winning the Hoosier Invitational Tournament earned them their high placing.  

The Spring 2023 semester began with three tournaments. In early January, the Indiana Debate team traveled from Bloomington to Annapolis to compete in the Crowe Warken Debates at the US Naval Academy. From there we debated at the Hoosier Invitational Tournament and at the University of Texas.

2018 National Debate Tournament
2016 Team Photo IU Debate
2014 NDT  @ Indiana University Bloomington
Berkeley 2016 Muir Woods
IU qualifies to the NDT after 23 years NDT 2016, Binghamton
2013 Vanderbilt Tournament
2010 William Jewel Tournament