Graduate School

Grad School and Debate Assistantships

Since our return to IU, graduate students from The College of Arts and Sciences and the The School of Public and Environmental Affairs have worked with the IU debate program. Participating graduate students tend to receive tuition remissions, stipends, or tournament-by-tournament payments for their assistance. If you are interested in a graduate program at IU please contact the IU director of debate to learn more about the available options. 

SPEA Master Degree Programs

Students who enter SPEA's MPA/MSES/MAAA have received tuition remissions and stipends for their work with the debate team. This merit based aid is determined by the competitiveness of the applicant. Benchmarks for aid are available upon request.

SPEA's Master of Public Affairs (MPA) program has a #1 ranking by U.S. News and World report. The MPA program has an applied focus that teaches students to address society's complex problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students are taught by faculty members with backgrounds in political science, economics, policy analysis, management science, law, international affairs, environmental policy, and other significant public policy areas. If you are looking to inact your policy debate experience into actual policymaking, come join us in the nation’s best MPA program. 


Past SPEA PhD students who have worked with the team have been awarded an increase in their stipend. As the #1 ranked Public Affairs PhD Program (National Resource Council) you can receive an outstanding education while maintaining a connection to your passion for debate. 


The College of Arts and Sciences has 130 M.A. and P.h.D programs to choose from. Past graduate students have been interested in programs that have recently been absorbed by our exciting new Media School and English department. Considering debate's close connection and history with English departments, communication and rhetoric programs, we are excited about the new PhD in English with a concentration in rhetoric. Students should take note of each program's deadlines for application. 

English + Rhetoric