How to Donate  My IU 

Click on the button above to travel to the IU Foundation "My IU" page.
In the "Search all funds" area, type "IU Bloomington Debate Team." Proceed with your generous donation.

You can donate by check. Make payable to IU Foundation and note "IU Bloomington Debate Team" in memo line. Send to IU Foundation, PO Box 6460, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

How will your donations be used? 

Gifts to this fund will be used for the general support of the IU Bloomington Debate team

Travel and tournament hosting: Our team travels to 10-15 tournaments a year. Hotels, meal money, entrance fees, fuel and airfare are increasingly expensive. Donations can help keep Hoosier debate competitive both regionally and nationally. We also host a high school debate tournament, an annual college debate tournament, and in 2014 we will host the TWO national policy debate championship tournaments. 

Technology: Computers, flash drives, laptop stands and podiums, video cameras and storage devices are all essential to our team's success.

Scholarships: Undergraduate debaters are the lifeblood of our program. Scholarships are used as a method of recognizing the extensive hours our students dedicate to debate. Graduate students also donate much of their very limited free time to help out the team. Donations are used to reduce the financial burden of team participants.

Debate Camp: IU Debate hosts not only the only debate camp in Indiana, but also the cheapest in the region. Donations help us keep costs down as well as provide high school students of need with scholarship opportunities.

Any level of donation is worth giving!

$25-$50: A donation of this size can cover meal money for a student, purchase debate timers, flash-drives for transferring evidence, or new debate team t-shirts.

$50-$100: This generous donation can cover a night in a hotel room, fuel and transportation costs, or teams registration fees.

$100-$200: This gift would provide debate *teams* with their entire per diem as well as supply needs (paper, pens) for an entire weekend. Larger donations could be placed into our technology budget. Debate has now become entirely "digital," thus requiring computers, scanners, and video cameras.

$200-$400: A donation of this size would cover airfare, weekend hotel costs, or transportation costs.

$400+: Once travel and other basic team foundational needs are covered, we put some additional funding toward scholarships for undergraduate and graduate debate students. As donors may already know, undergraduate commitment to success in debate may trade off with a student's ability to find other means of funding to pay for college such as working hourly. Scholarships are not only symbolic rewards, but also often essential to reduce barriers and allow students to engage in debate. Your large donation may very well provide new debaters with the opportunity to take advantage of all that competitive debate can provide!