Pay Rates

Pay Rates

The IU debate camp offers an invaluable experience, stellar and experienced staff, at incredible rates well below the costs of attending competitor camps around the nation. Shop around and you will see that attending the HDC will save you anywhere from $200-$1000 off other Big 10 and peer-institution camps.

How do we do it? Two words, institutional support.

The IU debate camp is a public service by the IU Bloomington Debate Team with support from The School of Public and Environmental Affairs, The College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs.

OurpassionIS debate

That is why we offer you this accessible and affordable debate experience for all participants across the nation! As an IUB facilitated institution we seek to provide YOU with the highest quality instruction at the lowest cost possible.

Are you in need of financial assistance?  Camp scholarships are awarded on a rolling bases after April 30th. To apply for a camp scholarship click here:

Scholarship App

Camp length, dorm and meal packages options

TOTAL: $1400

DEPOSIT $250 + TUITION $1150.00

Note - $50 tuition reduction if Deposit is paid before April 30th.

TOTAL: $750

DEPOSIT $150 + TUITION $600.00

Note - $25 tuition reduction if Deposit is paid before April 30th.

TOTAL: $1000*

DEPOSIT $250 + TUITION $750.00

Note - $50 tuition reduction if Deposit is paid before April 30th.

TOTAL $675

DEPOSIT $150 + TUITION $525.00

Note - $25 tuition reduction if deposit is paid before April 30th.

TOTAL $800*

DEPOSIT $250 + TUITION $550.00

Note - $50 tuition reduction if Deposit is paid before April 30th.

TOTAL $450

DEPOSIT $150 + TUITION $300.00

Note - $25 tuition reduction if Deposit is paid before April 30th.

Room and Board Explained


HDC 2019 will be hosted in Briscoe Hall. Images of the dorm space are below. Briscoe is the highest rated dormitory on campus. Our freshmen athletes stay here their first year on campus. Briscoe features 1-2 beds in a room, with desks, dressers and a closet for each person. Bathrooms are shared with one other 1-2 person room in a lounge area connecting the rooms. Camp attendees will need to bring sheets/blankets and towels. All lab space will be located in the center building of Briscoe.
Common room setup for double room.
Dorm room bathroom and lounge located between two rooms.
Common area lounge located in center of every floor.


During check-in, debate students will be given a plastic key that will give them access to their dorm facilities. The key will also have meal points on it. 

IU cafeteria, food courts, and campus restaurant meal options are mostly a la carte. This means camp attendees have a lot of flexibility in choosing what they want to eat each day. 

During check-in 2-week students will have $240.00 deposited to their cards. 1-week students will have $120.00. These are non-refundable points that your camp attendee can use to purchase any meals at our food courts on campus. The amount given is based on the experience of average usage by students at previous camps.

We ask that students make wise decisions in meal purchases to ensure that they will not run out of monies early in their camp experience.  The flexibility of a la carte has benefits and risks. The benefits include the freedom to choose your meal options as well as lower overall costs for all camp attendees. The risk, of course is running out of meal points early. The camp director will ensure students are fed but if meal points are used up too early the student will need to rely on the camp office to obtain overage meals. 

Note: Each week students can join us for a walkover to 4th street and Kirkwood. This is a hotspot for Bloomington restaurant options that college students and faculty love. Chain food restaurants, 2xThai, 3xMiddle Eastern, Sushi, pizza, non-chain sandwich shops and more... Students who would like to partake in this event should bring additional cash/card to pay. Camp attendees often choose to take advantage of the large delivery meal options available in Bloomington during the camp as well. The Debate Camp will order meals during the two tournaments, including breakfasts on Sunday. 

All of the above combined should produce a well fed and happy debate camp attendee!