Dorm Living and Accommodations

Q: What type of supervision is there?

Students will be scheduled to be in lab, at meals, in their dorm rooms, or to assigned extra-curricular for the majority of their time on campus. Lab leaders and camp assistants will be around, accessible and monitoring camp attendees throughout their stay. All lab leaders will have gone through a thorough background check. Lab leaders will be staying on the floor with the students in case there are any issues. At the beginning of each lab session, lab leaders will take roll to ensure students are where they should be. The keys to the dorms will only work on the floor and building students are assigned. Camp staff will be notified if keys are used innapropriately. A camp office will be open early at night and in the morning for any needs a student may have. The floors that HDC students are staying on will be free of non-related camps and non-camp hired college students.

Q: Are there refrigerators in the dorms?

A: There are no refrigerators in the dorms. Students in the past have brought their own refrigerators to store drinks and snacks. This is not a requirement to have a good experience at camp. The camp office will have a refrigerator for any medicines students may need to store. In rare occasions, we have been able to accommodate for students who are in need.

Q: Do I need to bring dress clothes?

A: It’s entirely up to you. The judges at our tournaments will not penalize you if you debate in shorts and a tee shirt, or any other clothing.

Q: I like to workout. Are there athletic facilities available near the dorm?

A: Athletic facilities tend to be located across campus and they require a usage fee. Students are encouraged to develop a workout plan that they can do in or near the dorm. Students are encouraged to play basketball or field sports near the dorm. A Frisbee can produce a lot of exercise. Students are expected to stay within the campus boundaries at all times. If you are caught outside of the boundaries punishment can include removal from camp.

Q: Should I bring a laptop? And if I do, will it be safe?

A: HDC strongly encourages students to bring a laptop if they have one available. All students will have access to several computer labs in the dorm and the libraries. If you do decide to bring a laptop, the HDC cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that happens to the laptop. It has been our experience that students who act responsibly with their laptops (i.e. keep it with them or locked up at all times) do not encounter problems.

Q: Will I have an opportunity to attend religious services?

A: Yes. Stop by our office during the camp and let us know which service you would like to attend. We will then coordinate shuttles. You must let us know several days in advance.

Q: What’s the weather like in Southern Indiana?

A: Typical weather this time of year ranges from an average of 70-90. Rain is possible. Make sure you pack clothes that will help you adapt to the weather. Also, some students may find warm clothing more comfortable for air-conditioned rooms. So do bring a hoodie or sweatshirt in case.

Q: Are there restrictions on leaving the camp or dorms?

A. All students must be in the dormitories for the night beginning at 9:45 PM; they will not be allowed to leave unless there is an emergency and camp staff or a parent/guardian accompanies them. Students are not allowed off campus unless they have a written note from their parents giving them permission. A few times during the camp, lab leaders and camp staff will walk students over to 4th street and Kirkwood to take advantage of some of the local meal options during a dinner or lunch. We take role during the trip to keep track of all students.

Q: What will happen in the event of sickness or injury?

A. If you become ill during the camp an HDC staff member will accompany you to the appropriate medical facility. We will contact your parents and co-ordinate an appropriate response to the severity of the illness or injury.

Q: How can I contact my child while they are at camp?

A. Beyond direct contact with the student, you can leave a message at the camp office by using the e-mail address (hoosierdebatecamp@gmail.com) or calling our camp office phone 812-856-7585. We monitor these communication lines throughout the camp.

Q: What happens if my child loses their key?

Residential Programs and Services will have someone available at all times to help camp attendees out if they need assistance. Students with cell phones should add the number for the Briscoe front Desk 812-855-5313. A replacement charge will be applied for each new key. The desk will also have the ability to help a student enter their room if they are locked out.